Home Life Made Beautiful

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What makes home the best place in the world? Margaret Elizabeth Sangster knew it very well. Published in 1897, her book "Home Life Made Beautiful: in Story, Song, Sketch and Picture" describes almost every aspect of family life.

High moral standards and value of every family member create strong basement for healthy atmosphere at home. Trustful relations between wife and husband, parents and children, help to solve many trials in daily burdens.

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It would be nice to have read this book before to get married. Many of us see this sacred bond only as something romantic or another - like as a heavy carriage. Everything depends on our true interest to make our home life beautiful.

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Margaret Sangster tells that even simply furnitured room can be the most joyful place if there's heard laugh of children and friendly discussions of elders.

When we try to be involved in family routines, it's important to do our work the best as we can and also with love.

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Creating family traditions makes a difference. It unites all members together in one faithful team and no-one feels alone.

And what about single people who live far from their families? Reading this book I start to appreciate every human in my life as a teacher. Even babies can teach us a lot with their cincere smiling and ah-gooing.

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I like book "Home Life Made Beautiful" for so many ideas of creating really warm relations with others and opened talks about causes of family declines, so often in nowdays.


This book is richly decorated with thematic pictures. Here and there are added popular in those times songs, and nicely rhymed poetry. It's worthy to be read and re-read by modern folk, especcially females, as it is addressed to them.

Today we have society far from ideal home life, new values are filling the world. But there is the only place, always so desired to have. Your Home and Life Made Beautiful in it.

© Katia Marynowska

♥ You can find this free book by the link: https://archive.org/details/homelifemadebeau0000unse

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