Female Beauty, as Preserved and Improved by Regimen, Cleanliness and Dress

One of the oldest beauty books saved for modern readers is

"Female Beauty, as Preserved and Improved by Regimen, Cleanliness and Dress:

and especially by the adaptation, color and arrangement of dress, as variously influencing the forms, complexion, and expression of each individual, and rendering cosmetic impositions unnecessary"

This book was written by Mrs. A Walker. The first edition was published in 1837 in London during the Victorian era. So maybe the Queen also could use these tips for looking good. ☺

It is really great vintage book that has many pages and a few hand-colored and some transformational lithographed illustrations.

In the content you can find such topics as fashion, cosmetics, regimen for improving health, care for body, skin, hair and etc.

And also many advises about the best suitable colors, texture and ornaments what can be used to clothes of our days. And to learn what was fashionable to wear in older times and what every lady should know.

All these tips about health improvement were provided by medical friends of the author and revised by Sir Anthony Carlisle F.R.S. (Fellow of the Royal Society), who was the vice president of medical college.

There is also a thought that "Female Beauty" was written by Alexander Walker (1779–1852). In his time this Scottish physiologist and aesthetician wrote many books about woman beauty and moral principles.

© Katia Marynowska

* Fragment of picture from the book.

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