From Beautiful Girlhood to Beautiful Womanhood

Elegant Lady with a Bouquet of Roses

Old-fashioned books are still fashioned. Someone stores them as classic library collection; others hold them as a vintage element of decor. I prefer these forgotten treasures of wisdom as a worthy resource for learning the timeless truths.

Many of them are republished in our days. As for example: “Beautiful Girlhood” by Mabel Hale. Loved by amount of modern girls and their moms it reflects the highest moral standards. Based on the living faith this book gives inspiration and support in different uncertain moments of the rising generation.

I came to adulthood in church, fighting with many trials and temptations. But some good things were carved in my soul. I started to love this amazing classic music, memorizing lyrics of wonderful poetry of hymns. I listened to many good-teaching sermons that found place in my heart.

In spite of difficult times I gathered pearls and emblems of moral ideals and better life, so I would like to share them with others. Though not always I remember about these lessons that I got, but they work silently, spreading their light everywhere.

Having an opportunity to make a blog, I am happy to publish the best what I learned or found, reading my precious old-fashioned books. Hope that this intention will be successful and many hearts will be healed, as well as souls that need a guideline in their life.

So let this journey from beautiful Girlhood to beautiful Womanhood be cheerful and brings you a lot of joy and fun with your new friend ♥ The Green Gables Girl.

© Katia Marynowska

* Painting “Elegant Lady with a Bouquet of Roses“ by French artist Émile Vernon (1872–1920).

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